The JMJ Experience

Step 1 - The Interview

We will set up a complimentary face to face meeting with Rick to talk about what you are looking for in a builder, and what style custom home you are looking to build.

Step 2 - The Design Process

Once you have chosen to build a custom home with JMJ the design process begins. Rick will take into consideration all of your design needs and wants, and start creating your custom floor plan. Rick has been creating unique floor plans for 22 years, and enjoys designing different homes for each family he builds for.

Step 3 - The Bidding Stage

After the floor plan has been established you will then begin designing the inside of your home. Rick bids each home individually based on the products and design work you choose that best fits your style and needs. He will work with each client until he creates the perfect match for your design and budget.

Step 4 - The Building Begins

Throughout the entire building process you will have continuous communication with weekly updates informing you on the upcoming goals for your home.

Step 5 - Welcome Home

It’s time to move in and start enjoying your custom home, but first JMJ will help you acclimate yourself with one final walk through to see months of hard work that created your new dream home.