Rick Bivins
Rick Bivins is the owner and leader of the business. He has spent the past 22 years growing this small business into an award winning company. He personally oversees each home he builds. He is very hands-on with each client from the first meeting to the final run through of their beautiful custom built home. He custom designs each home to be very unique from one another. He sits down with each of his clients during the design process in order to create each house plan to match the clients’ exact specifications. He is very passionate about each detail that goes into his homes, creating some of the most unique homes you will ever see.  Rick values honesty and trust, and strives to create a life-long relationship with each family he builds for.

The JMJ Team

  1. John Bivins
    John Bivins
    Job Site Manager
    John, also known as “Bucket,” started working on the job site with his dad, Rick, at the age of 7. He always had a love for construction and knew he wanted to work for his dad from the beginning. Starting at such a young age has given him a huge advantage as an adult. He knows the quality of the work JMJ offers, and continues to learn all aspects of the business from Rick.
  2. Adam Scott
    Adam Scott
    Job Site Manager
    Adam has been working for JMJ for 8 years. Rick says he is the “Jack of all trades.” He works from the start of the building process, through the trim work, and on to building beautiful custom cabinets exclusive to the clients’ designs. He has been working in different aspects of the construction business his whole adult life, and the quality of his work clearly shows through.
  3. Connie Russelburg
    Connie Russelburg
    Office Manager
    Connie has been working for JMJ for over 17 years, and is also Rick’s youngest sister. She works as the executive coordinator keeping everything “JMJ” in line. She handles the entire financial aspect of the business, and continues to stay up to date with our clients and subcontractors. She is a huge asset to the business, always providing fantastic customer service to our clients.
  4. Kristin Bivins
    Kristin Bivins
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Kristin formally began working for JMJ in 2018 as the Director of Marketing and Sales, but she will be quick to tell you that she has helped her father, Rick, behind the scenes her whole life. Her strong work ethic and attention to detail make her a vital piece in the interview and bidding process with potential clients. Be sure to give @JMJ_custom_homes a follow on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their latest projects.